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Gems are precious stones which are loaded with vitality and energies. Know which stone is good for your Rashi.

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Get information about Indian Festivals, planet positions and importance of Yoga and Meditation for good life.


Pyramids are structured of Power. They represent purifying energy and motivation. Get more information about Pyramids.

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What People Say
  • Miss Raz-Apr 6 2008 Pradeep Mishra Astrologer `s detailed reading is great and honset. WOW I have never had some one be so specific. how wonderful. all I can say is I will be watching for those date to see what happens....thank you . Iran Shiraz
  • Skeptikal-Jun 8 2008 Excellent as usuall!!!! People Pradeep Mishra is a helping and caring person who will not only help you but he will be your friend!!!! He is truely a GOd send!!!!!!!! Trust him to help you show you the path. God Bless you.. U.S.A. Austin/Texas
  • Priya Chaunhan-Was very patient, answered all my questions, adn was very kind.... I do hope that all will come to pass . U.K. Leads
  • Jeannouel-Jul 23 2008 Very mystical and true!!!! beba28 Jul 22 2008 very good...hope predictions come to pass! I was given a lot of details...which of course i liked...so i can`t wait. Thank you . Ghana SEKONDI
  • Ashley-Jul 28 2008 pradeep is excellent.... its amazing .. i am not waiting for him to pick any dates... because its up to you to do that.. and pradeep heps you do it,,, pradeep is very well read.. i suppose.. and very advanced person so this is the BEST PLACE TO TAKE REAL ADVICE... . U.S.A. Ohio city
  • John-Aug 20 2008 Really excellent and with all the advise he has given me ..it really works and turning out amazingly accurate !!! Great many thanks and God Bless us all.. saguerro . Malaysia Alor setar
  • Ankush-Aug 23 2008 he read into my siuation really well......hopefully his predictions will turn out to be true.........will give another 5 star rating if they do turn out to be right!!!. India New Delhi
  • Zelda-Aug 25 2008 Very accurate about family trends and how to assuage some negative aspects. Was very accurate about trends with my daughter, past and present. Thus, trust what he advised about her future. For an excellent reading, consult with this vedic astrolger. He knows what he is talking about. . Croatia Viena
  • Sonia Singh-Aug 25 2008 This expert is amazing and always accurate and patient. I have consulted him on several occasions and all his predictions have come true . India New Delhi
  • Artaban-Aug 27 2008 there is not enough stars to give to pradeep... a real proffesional helper.. i dont believe there is anyone more honest here.... . Cyprus Larnaca
  • Vanessa-Aug 30 2008 He is the best on the web......very , very fair and honest....and if that was not enough...very accurate with what he says and great advise.....A real gem to find here!!!!!!!! . Vietnam Saigon
  • Sheeela-Sep 2 2008 A great reading and an understanding of the issues and questions. Time will tell if his predictions come true! . India Bhopal
  • Maninder-Sep 4 2008 He provided very good insight and gave me specific dates. I have faith that he knows what these future times hold for me. . India Panipat
  • Balaji-Sep 5 2008 Information given is very specific and detailed. Sounds very gentle and a patient man. I am glad I contacted him. . India Coimbatore/Tamilnadu
  • M.C Chaudhary-Sep 6 2008 the best ever! he is really really good, and i am going to keep in touch with him for good.. thank you so much for helping me out. . India calcutta
  • Johanna Kentz-Wow, I came back to Pradeep Mishra Astrologer because his predictions keep coming true. Something came true for me right exactly after September the 2nd with my fiance and I. My fiance and I were having problems, so I found this astrologer and he gave me dates. I wasnt sure what to believe, I tried others and they failed me and wasted my money. But Pradeep predictions have started to come true based on my dates of my birth chart. It is truly amazing. I had to come back because he predicted something for thisweek that happen. Now i look forward to the other predictions. I am happy finally with my love life and career. Thank you so much my friend! You are a star, please give him a try he is truly amazing! It has to be karma that i met someone like you! . Sweden Boras
  • Jasonboltan-Sep 13 2008 Again a wonderful session with solid answers to questions and the advice alone is priceless! Pradeep is a master I believe at what he does...but a very humble and geniune human being. I think the best!. U.S.A. New york
  • Robert-Sep 14 2008 All my feelings - as well as my fears were confirmed. I can highly recommend Pradeep Mishra to anybody if you are looking for real answers. He has the gift! . . U.S.A. wolverhampton
  • Bethany L.S.-Sep 15 2008 Pradeep as usual is very inciteful and informative. I recommend him fully to anyone who is looking for clarity in their life. . U.S.A. Indianapolis
  • Bindu-I tried a lot of things in my life - but I have to honestly say that Pradeep is by far the best, the fastest, the most honest. God bless you! . India Mumbai
  • Jaishree-Sep 17 2008 Pradeep is a very knowledgable astrologer. He takes his time and gives accurate dates and time lines. I felt very good after talking to him. . India Chennai
  • Vikram Desai-Sep 20 2008 I look forward to Pradeep`s insights coming true. He is very honest and doesn`t claim to know things that no one could know. . India Ahmedabad
  • Anita Louse Fishchar-Sep 24 2008 Not enough stars....need many more. Amazing and excellent reading. Very honest and will give you quick reading. Fast typist too. Very caring and down to earth person. Was impressed at what was almost true regarding past and also regarding timescale. Please give him a try and promise you won`t be disappointed. I will definitely com back. . U.S.A. COLUMBUS OHIO
  • Antoineette-Sep 24 2008 Amazing and very outstanding reading. Quick response and fast typist too. He is very caring and down to earth person. I am going to come back to him whenever need be and I hope you do the same as I promise you will not be disappointed. Thanks for your help Pradeep. . U.S.A. Des Moines Iowa
  • Gagandeep-Sep 25 2008 AWESOME...AWESOME...AW ESOME.....AWESOME....O NE OF THE BEST IF NOT THE BEST ON THE WEB.... . Peru lima
  • ANA-Sep 27 2008 thank you very much, it is a very interesting, kind, insightful reading with specific timeframes, it is very affordable and worth the money. . Australia melborn
  • Nina-19 may 2010 Preedpji is very knoledgable and very kind person. he is gifted person and I would be consulting him again and again for any further guidance .. India 
  • Kamani-He is a helping and caring person who will give solution for your problem. He is truly a Gods image. I was going under very pathetic situation, but he is the only person who helps me among these all astrologers. Even thought I trouble him so much, without getting angry he helped me a lot. I felt that I am so lucky that I met him in the net. Really he is a Gods image. Don’t waste your money & time. He is the correct person for you. Thank you so much for all your help.. U.A.E. 
  • George-08 October 2008. Pradeep is very accurate. Thanks.. U.S.A. NY
  • Thomas-10 october 2008, Good reading. Ranju is very humble and having deep knowledge.. U.S.A. Texas
  • savita-12 Oct 2008,Pradeepji thanks a Lot for all information.U ar very caring,friendly and excellent astrolist.Hamari dil se duvaye hamesha apke sath hai.. India Delhi
  • Cindy-14 Octber 2008, Thank you so much for your information.. New Zealand Auckland
  • sayma-16 October 2011,Thank you very much for your insightful and detailed response! It`s definitely brought comfort and hope to me, I`m looking forward to the later months of this year :) I`ll be sure to send you an update on how things went at the end of the year! Many thanks again!. Singapore Singapore
  • Elan Da-20 october 2008, I think the response was excellent with the advise given. I hope to log in at AllExperts for my further queries in the future. I thank for the answers and wish you luck.. Hong Kong Hong Kong
  • Babita-20 october 2008, Thankx Pradeep Sir.You don`t know how much relief i have got from your answer.. India Mumbai
  • Sunitha -22 October 2008, Dear Pradeepji, Thanks very much for your help and guidance. Much appreciate.. U.S.A. CALIFORNIA
  • Rakesh-24 october 2008, Thank you very much for your quick response.. India Indore
  • Shiddha-24 october 2008, Thankss a much.... God blzz U.. India Chennai
  • Ruth-27 October 2008, Many thanks! Hope your predictions come true!. South Africa Durbon
  • Ish-28 October 2008, Very much satisfactory.......!!!!. India Shimla
  • Harsh-19 october 2008, thanks for such a positive response.. India Gorakhpur
  • Anurag-30 october 2008, Good judgement on the planet dasha. U.A.E. Abu Dhabi
  • Uma-31 oct 2008, Mr Pradeep Mishra is extremely good! He is very knowledgeable and polite. He explains things very clearly. Also, he comes across as a modest, humble, genuine person who is very true to heart. Most of the people who look to astrology are those who are curious about their future and a few who are interested in astrology. I`m a mix of both, so it was very interesting to interact with him. He did not hesitate to avoid explaining to me how he interpreted the answers to my question. Thanks Mr.Mishra for everything. I will definitely keep you posted if/when the prediction comes true. God bless you too! . India Jaipur
  • anita-31 October 2008, Pradeep is a sincere, caring reader, highly recommended!. India Lucknow
  • Balakri-01 NOv 2008, Thank you very much Pradeepji.I feel your answer is very apt looking at my situations. Thank you and all the best.. India Chenganoor,Alleppey Distric
  • Shanmug-01, Nov 2008, Hi, It was great to get in your valuable inputs. Regards Venkat. India  Bangalore
  • Jessy-01 Nov 2008, Very insightful and detailed answer, and responded very quickly. Thanks so much Pradeep! . New Zealand Glen Ridge
  • Brodie-2 Nov 2008, Thank you so much Pradeep! I haven`t met any new guys lately, so I`m thinking maybe I`ll meet him when I move (which you predicated would happen after August), so I am looking forward to that! Will update you when things start to unfold- can`t thank you enough for your time!!. U.K. London
  • nalini-3rd Nov 2008, Thanks for giving such a detailed answer. I will recommend your name to my friends also.. India Mumbai
  • mihaela-3 Nov 2008, Thank you for being so quick, I am looking forward to receiving more news from you.. Romania Pitesti
  • Camille-4 Nov 2008, Thank you so much for the reading. God bless you.. Croatia Zegrab
  • Antonia-4 Nov 2008, Thank you so much Pradeep for your response to my question. I appreciate you answering me so quickly! I sense change so I agree with your reply and appreciate the detail of your information. THANK YOU.. U.S.A. Indianapolis
  • shruthi -5 nov 2008, I am very happy for the very fast reply. I hope all predictions told by Guruji will come true in my life. Thanks for your service. India  kolar, karnataka
  • steven-4 Nov 2008, Thank you for your help. I hope the situation will be better than I picture it now.Regards,. U.S.A. California
  • diana-5 Nov 2008, Thank you again Pradeep - for your time and your careful attention in the analysis and suggestions. I am very grateful.. Romania Pitesti
  • Rohini-6 Nov 2008, Thanks a lot Pradeep ji.. India Jabalpur
  • jasdeep-7 Nov 2008,Thankyou for the quick reply. iam very happy with this reading and will be contacting you very soon. you are very clear with explaining things. i have had reading from other astrologers and they do not reveail anything. thanks again. talk to u soon. Canada Toranto
  • jasdeep-8 nov 2008, thx ptradeep ,i will follow ur advice. Canada Toranto
  • Pratima-9 Nov 2008, Highly accurate, very honest and compassionate person. Australia melborn
  • Tammie-10 nov 2008, I never wanted to appreciate Vedic astrology. Even i I don`t rust on it earlier. Hence even after more then 20 reading with you not commented. But the results and accuracy of your readings burst in my heart to write WOW this is ... Suprb..... U.S.A. Chicago
  • Camille-11 Nov 2008, Once again thanks!. New Zealand Auckland
  • Preethi -12 Nov 2008, Thank you sir for your reply. You have been helpful in settling my thoughts. Regards, Preethi. India Manglore
  • Tanya -11 Nov 2008, hi a ,my birth place is Shen Yang. China.Thank you,and last ask there some things are wrong. I never married before = I have`d married for onece.....thanks. China Shen Yang
  • Geetashree-2 August 2011, Thanks god I gounf you.  I wanted tell you how accurate you were about this boy`s prediction. I have asked you to look at his horoscope late last year? And you had said he is good for short term relationship, but not good for long term as he is a different person outside and a different person inside. I think that turned out to be very true. Thanks and be my guide. Dubai, UAE
  • Barbara Moser-Kranjcec-29 August 2011, I just want to tell you that your predictions are right - I will give you more insight in September but you are an extremly good astrologer.. Croatia Zagreb
  • RIMI-18 Sep 2011, I hope you remember me I contacted you several times in 2009 for help with a breakup and also depression. You have helped me very much my life is better and more stable now. You gave me confidence and good advice I thank you very much. For first time in my life I am feeling happy. I got married last year to a boy I asked you in 2009 for advice on match. You said he was a good match. You were correct! We got married in 2010 and we are happy together. I am grateful that my life is good now. He is a very good husband and is nice to me all the time. He has a good and friendly nature. I took your advice to not wear blood-red color and emerald green. I also write in my diary in red ink to help control my strong emotions. My diary helps a lot I write in it every day.. U.S.A. Kennewick,WA
  • Dregana-23 September 2011, This was an excellent reading. Unfortunately we got disconnected, but we were almost finished anyway.This was my second reading with this gentleman.The first time was in 2008 on a different site.It was a very good reading and out of all the other readings I had, his timing predictions were the only true ones.At that time he told me to wait until 2011 in response to my question, which I have to say, I really, really didn`t want to hear. Common, 3 years??? But he was perfectly right. So, I just got an update and his reading was perfectly consistent with the one from 3 years ago.Also,got more valuable advice and guidance.He is also very generous with his time and his command of the English language is good. I see that he has worked on that in the last three years.I highly recommend him.. Yugoslavia BELGRADE
  • RIMI-8 October 2012Thank you so much once again for your very detailed and helpful advice! I am feeling positive and will follow your suggestions. Please accept the amount $51 because you have done another excellent session for me. I am very grateful for the time you have given to help me and my husband. I wish you all the very best Pradeepji.. U.S.A. Newyork