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Human design

Life can be easy going and a beautiful journey but it can also be heavy, frustrating and tiring. The thing is hellip We are the creators of our life so the choice is ours.

There is this place within us which can securely guide us to a fulfilling life ndash if we trust it, if we give it a chance and if we stop searching for the solution outside of ourselves.

Human Design gives you the key how to best make decisions, decisions which lead to a smoothly running but still challenging and exciting life YOUR life, the life you were born to live.







So ... I quit my job and focused on my little boy and my Human Design education and training. I love Human Design because its opening up your perspective and can have a deeply positive and lasting effect. Do you want to try it?

It`s a great pleasure for me to introduce people and groups to living their Human Design. I also work a lot with other mothers and companies analyzing and improving their team structure and individuals who are looking for a new challenge in the work environment.



    Mobile : +385 (0) 91/468 00 25
    Phone : +385 91 468 00 25 (Croatia)
    Skype : barbara.moser.kranjcec
     Email : humandesign@gmx.com, barbara_Moser@gmx.net, callhome72@gmail.com
     Address : Barbara Moser Kranjcec
                        Human Design Lifecoach,
                        Gajdekova 16,
                        10000 Zagreb.